9 Best Custom Box Packaging Design Ideas for 2021

Custom packaging is a hot new trend in the custom box industry. It has become more and more popular because of the popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, traditional cigars, or pipes. The custom boxes are designed specifically for vape cartridges to be easily distinguished from other products and packages.

Suppose you’re interested in customizing your vape cartridge packaging with custom cardboard boxes. In that case, this article will show you what some of the best designs are right now and why customizing your own cardboard boxes is such a great idea!

The custom packaging industry is booming with custom vape packaging. In the past 10 years, custom vape boxes have emerged as one of the best ways to make your product stand out and be more memorable. This blog post will discuss why your business must invest in custom vape boxes to stay competitive while also looking professional.

Avail our Designs on Your Custom Vape Boxes

The design enhances the customization of custom printed vape boxes. You can inscribe anything on your packaging to make it more pleasing and appealing such as logos, marketing messages, or ingredients. Furthermore, you may use attractive thematic colors for a really impressive look!

Tuck-end boxes

“The best box for you and your vaporizer is our tuck-end box. It’s functional, attractive, simple but safe to keep all of the products that make vaping so great on hand at a moment’s notice.”

Custom Vape Packaging Boxes are a trending product in the industry. They offer many benefits that make them more attractive to customers and manufacturers alike:

The custom design can create a sense of security but also make it easy to open for consumers. The hefty metal sleeve box that encases your product safely on the shelves, as well as vaporizer oil bottles, can be made to stand out with our many stylish and beautiful custom designs. Choose from one of many vibrant colors or a completely custom design for an extra special touch!

Gable Box

The gable box for your vape products is a great way to make them stand out. The handles on top of the box are easy and practical, perfect for grabbing when you’re in transit. In addition, adding printing features will allow customers to customize their purchases even more!

To make your custom design ideas come to life, all you need is a custom printed box. Our many great designs will help sell your product and display it flawlessly on the shelf for customers to buy! Choose from one of our many vibrant colors or create an entirely unique design that’s perfect for any type of business. Add personal touches like logos, pictures, or text with ease in order to give your new custom packaging more character than ever before!

Sleeve Box

The sleeve box is a decorative way to store your products safely. They can be used to contain vape oil bottles as well, and you’re able to imprint the boxes with any design that will make them look incredible! Our styles will give your packaging an individualistic style no matter what it looks like now.

Custom vape cartridge packaging is the best way to store your new products. With custom vape boxes, you’ll be able to give them a unique style that will make them stand out and grab everyone’s attention! From simple designs with text or pictures on all sides of the box to something more intricate like custom shapes or illustrations, our custom boxes can do it all for you!

Finish with Adding Coatings

A great way to make an eye-catching package for your product is by getting creative with the design. Remember that the box must be appealing and catch people’s attention if it will have a chance of succeeding. In order to do this, you’ll need something like custom shapes or graphics on the ungluing side that can’t come off easily without adding another type of finish!

Spot U.V. Coating

Another great option for custom vape packaging is spot u.v. Coating! With spot U.V. coating, you can have custom graphics or text on a very small area of the box, like on one side if that’s all you need to really catch someone’s eye and make your product stand out from others in the marketplace.

You can create a personalized, one-of-a-kind vape box that will impress your customers with its sleek design and high quality. Print the text you want on the surface of your custom printed boxes using spot U.V. coating for an eye-catching shine to catch potential buyers’ attention!

Gloss and Matte Coatings

If you want custom vape packaging that is more affordable, then matte and gloss coatings are the way to go! Matte boxes for custom vape carton packaging will make your product look familiar and traditional.

Glossy custom vape box packaging has a contemporary vibe that makes it perfect if you’re looking to appeal to younger buyers who like something trendier than what they’ve seen before. These shiny designs might be better suited for products with high-tech features or qualities.

Seal Ended Boxes

If you’re wondering how custom vape packaging boxes can help your business, this is the perfect example. The seal ends on custom cardboard box packaging not only create a sense of security but also make it easy to open for consumers.

Vape packaging is all about individuality. The hefty metal sleeve box that encases your product safely on the shelves, as well as vape oil bottles, can be made to stand out with our many stylish and beautiful boxes designs. Choose from one of many vibrant colors or a completely custom design for an extra special touch!

Avail Our Wholesale Vape Boxes

Vape cartridge packaging that is customizable and economical. We offer wholesale vape boxes in bulk for your business to make the perfect impression on customers with cost-effective vaping supplies!

Popular custom vape cartridge packaging designs include being packaged in matte black, gold, or glossy white boxes that give off an elegant vibe. These custom cardboard carton boxes are perfect for products with luxurious qualities, and presentation is important to the product’s success.

Custom cardboard vape boxes will help your business succeed by making it more appealing than other generic options on the market today! They’re also cost-effective and eco-friendly, which makes them even better as they have low production costs while helping our environment at the same time! You can use these custom card boxes for any type of personal hygiene item you want.


We’ve reviewed 9 of the best custom box packaging design ideas for 2021. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression with your customers, then these designs are guaranteed to wow them and keep them coming back! The next step is choosing which one will work best for your business needs. Let us help you get started by providing our expert advice on what type of materials would suit your product the best or how we can create an affordable yet attractive package that’s perfect for any budget.