Gal Gadot sports facial injury as she shoots scenes for Heart Of Stone

No dice, responded the 999 call handler. Time, surely, for male primogeniture to be abolished. Cops found one of his AR-15 guns inside the vehicle, and he had also dumped a bag nearby.

And hope you’re conscious enough to call them all. Georgia Fowler puts on an eye-popping display as…

Someone should turn up in good time!  I’ve talked to a number of doctor friends about the best policy should I be unfortunate enough to be home alone if the worst happens.

First, they say, dial 999.

Despite her transition, the Lord Chancellor has approved her claim to the peerage. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dolce & Gabbana will do my wedding!’ Gemma…

How strange that Matilda Simon, once Matthew Simon, who inherited the title Baron Simon of Wythenshawe on the death of her, then his, father, should be planning to enter the next by-election for hereditary peers in the Lords.

According to Dr Katherine Henderson, taking a taxi would be my best bet.

Vick Hope flashes her huge engagement ring as she makes…

But not for the first time, she couldn’t close out the victory, a grievous disappointment for Tomljanovic at the event where she first announced herself by reaching the last-16 as a young Croatian tyro in 2014.

In tough, blustery conditions, the young Aussie slayer again proved her toughness against the 29-year-old Tomljanovic, who had stood within two points of victory in tough-to-call two-hour 41 minute contest.

I do a lot of work, but I also spend far too much time watching television — which a new study says significantly raises the risk of coronary heart disease.  I spend a great deal of time at home alone.

At the entrance of the school, they found his backpack which contained ammunition  Ramos crashed his truck into a ditch then entered the school on Tuesday.

there will be no other… He was wearing the same hat later that day in a selfie he took

He immediately made a 999 call, asking for an ambulance for a young man who was unconscious and had a head injury.  His friends, all fellow cyclists, stopped to help, as did the driver of a car who’d been following behind.

Last month, patients with a suspected heart attack or stroke, who should be reached within 18 minutes, waited longer than 50 minutes.  The ambulance service is facing the worst response time crisis since records began.

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her style credentials in a… It’s called male primogeniture (and yes it’s incredibly sexist and unfair). He insisted he was talking about a head injury and made the point they were no more than five minutes away from the casualty department.

The president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine recently said that emergency pressures are ‘more serious than we’ve ever seen it’, and for the first time in her 20-year career, they have ‘broken the commitment to get an ambulance to a patient in a timely manner’. 

The Linux partition also helped Duggar circumnavigate Covenant Eyes, an ‘accountability’ program installed on his computers and phones to warn his wife if he looked at porn or tried to download peer-to-

The Good Samaritan couldn’t believe it.

‘Currently sobbing into my pillow… The Rolling Stones unveil unseen photographs taken backstage… Peers only inherit a title if they are a man. But why, if Matilda, pictured, truly believes herself to be a woman, does she think it’s OK to assume the privilege of a man, while, no doubt, expecting the right to enter female spaces as a woman?

It provided the secret online space where he could search for, download, then delete child pornography, all behind the innocent veneer of a standard work computer with a wholesome wallpaper

They argued that a ‘pattern of activity enhancement’ should be applied to his sentence, citing evidence from Bobye Holt, a family friend who testified about the molestation scandal that engulfed the Duggars in 2015 and led to their TLC show b

But would hailing a cab and making your own way lead to greater delays in getting treatment?

A car had made a sudden turn in front of him, he couldn’t stop in time, hit the car, and went sailing over his handlebars.

The speedy operation I had to remove the ruptured fallopian tube undoubtedly saved my life.  My husband, then a naval officer, was at sea; my neighbours took over our dogs.

I dialled 999 and judi slot gacor within minutes was being carried out by paramedics.

Gemma Arterton cuts an elegant figure in a black thigh-split…

Pixie Lott looks ready for summer in a blue mini dress as… They couldn’t get to him any quicker. 

A closer look at the faint reflection on the screen revealed it to be Duggar wearing a distinctive Wholesale Motorcars baseball cap.

Then keep the nearest son/able person and the local taxi firm on speed dial. At least in a noisy ambulance you might get wheeled through to a corridor in A&E, whereas, as a ‘walk-in patient’, you could end up in a queue with dozens of others. 

Some five years ago, the son of a friend of a mine — early 20s, proficient cyclist, fit and careful — was involved in an accident in Regent’s Park, London.