National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion Exam 2018

NU Degree English Suggestion Exam 2018. Bangladesh National University Degree Final Year English Short Suggestion 2018. Now Click Here Download Your English Suggestion. Honors Suggestion For English Suggestion Exam 2018/19. Bangladesh All University Honours and Degree Suggestion and Other Subject Common Suggestion. Click Here

 NU Degree English Suggestion Exam 2018

 NU Degree English Suggestion Exam 2018

English Suggestion for degree pass exam 2018

English Compulsory
Final Exclusive English Suggestion
Sub Code- 221109
Degree General English
Distribution of Marks

Paragraph Marks
1 Reading and understanding 10
2 Writing  50
3 Grammar: 1) Developing vocabulary
2) Translation from Bengali to English 


4  Encores 


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Part A
1. An intellectual is one who is an enlightened person ……….beauty. and to reveal to others.
2. Liberty does not descend upon people…..our energies to this great purpose
3. Today women are playing important…..added income, the women bring
4. Climate change is one of the most….. undermine our achievements.
5. Traveling always adds to our experience…….. enhance our interest in traveling.
6. The aim of education is to make a man …. But also the soul.
7. One fascination benefit….. through the university.
8. Happiness is the symbol of satisfaction….. It makes everybody calm and quiet
9. Money cannot buy happiness….. development that gives us happiness.
10. The man has an inborn curiosity to see the ….. required to be perfect in all spheres of life.
11. A freedom fighter is honored in all…. Bangladesh in the world.
12. Most of our students cannot write out plain and clean English is not bad
13. Listening, speaking. Reading and writing…….. speaking and listening skills of students.
14. To be a good teacher…….. it as he goes along.
The process of learning……… Student or the learner.

Grammar: 20 Marks
1. Change the words as directed and make sentences.
2. Suitable Words Or Correct the sentences
3. Use the Right form of verbs within brackets Or Articles
4. Antonym and synonyms Or Suffix or Prefix
5. Frame ( Wh question)
6. Rearrange
7. Punctuate
8. Translate:

1. Patriotism**
2. Tree Plantation **
3. Freedom Fighters**
4. Facebook**
5. Your First day at college**
6. Facebook**
7. FIFA world cup-2018

Report Writing:
1. Write a report for the newspaper an the anti-corruption seminar held in your college
2. Write a report for the newspaper on a price hike.
3. A terrible dacoity has occurred in a jewelry shop in your town. Suppose you are the local correspondent of a national daily. Now make a report on it

Job Application:
1. Write an application with a resume/ Bio-data for the post Sales Manager.
2. Write an application with a resume to the principal of a college for the post of a lecturer.
3. Write an application to the Director of an Information Technology Company for the post of a system analyst
4. Write an application to the Manager of a bank for the post of a Junior officer.
5. Write an application to the Managing Director of X officer for the post of an officer along with a detailed CV.

Write an Essay on any one of the following
1. Bangabandhu Satellite-1
2. Rohingya crisis Or Rohingya Refugee Problem
3. Women Empowerment of Bangladesh
4. Natural Calamities in Bangladesh
5. Digital Bangladesh
1. Slow and steady wins the race
2. Rome was not Built in a day
3. All that Glitters is not Gold
4. No Risk, No Gain
5. Necessity Knows no law

Or Memo writing
1 Write a memo in which the manager of the firm requests his subordinates to attend a farewell meeting of one of the members of the staff.
2 Suppose. Relief goods have been sent to your locality. These are not distributed properly. Now, write a memo to the UNO of your Upazila.
3 Write a memo as a manager of a firm for the employees to attend an urgent meeting.

Or, Slogan Writing
1 Write four slogan`s for a banner raising public awareness about tree plantation.
2 Write slogans for stopping acid throwing.
3 write four slogans against corruption.
4 write a slogan to create a awareness against reckless driving on the road.
5 make a slogan creating awareness against child abuse.
1 Suppose, you are the Head of the Department of English, you want to hold a test exam. For the honors fourth year/Degree (pass) 3rd year now writes a notice.
2 Suppose, you are the principal of a college, Now write a notice for the student to participate in the cultural week which is going to be held from 20th-25th October.
3 your English teacher is sick. She/He Will/may be able to take the class on Monday. Write a notice for the student of Hon`s part -2 / Degree (pass) 3rd Year.
4 Write a report for the newspaper on the bad impact of Facebook on the young generation.
5 Suppose, you are the Principal of a college, Student of 3rd Year Degree (pass) Have yo fill in their RIF within a week. Now, write a notice about it.
Advertisement Writing:
1 Suppose, you are the Managing Director of a real estate company. Your company is going to sell some ready flats. Now. Make an advertisement to be published in a daily drawing attention of the interested buyers.
2 Suppose, you are the owner of a flat. You want to let it. Now prepare an advertisement.
3 Suppose, a private university wants to appoint part-time teachers of English. Make an advertisement for this.
4 Suppose, you have lost your academic certificates. Now, prepare an advertisement for any national daily.
5 Suppose you are a manager of a land developing company. Make an advertisement for the newspaper offering the sale of flats.

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