Welsh travels: The not-so-obvious need-to-knows

Welsh travels: The not-so-obvious need-to-knows If you live in the UK then traveling to Wales is almost part of growing up. Most “locals” appreciate the beauty – and they go on sporadically to reap the benefits. The country sometimes forgotten when it comes to foreign visitors.

Naturally, this is a second London mystery, and it has become easier than ever for tourists from abroad to get to Heathrow Airport and then travel to Wales.


But perhaps it should encouraged more. If you are about to land in the UK, Wales is something that can change your travels and make them go awry. Today we’ll talk about some of the reasons for this.


Welsh travels: The not-so-obvious need-to-knows


Welsh travels: The not-so-obvious need-to-knows
Photo by Stuart Smith on Unsplash

It’s much, much cheaper

Need a hotel in London? You know all about the cost repercussions.

How are you in Wales? Now we are talking. The cost of accommodation in Wales is much cheaper as it is spread throughout its attractions. Simply put, Wales is an affordable option and has areas specially prepared for tourists, but it will cost much less than traveling to the English capital.

It is a new language to understand

First of all, English is widely spoken in Wales so you don’t need to worry about that. The thing that amazes many viewers is the Welsh language. It’s said – he welcomes you when he hits the streets. It’s a huge ‘cultural hello’ once you land so dare you try to call your hands, but it’s best to keep your hands on a few simple phrases.

Historically, it is a dream

Welsh travels: The not-so-obvious need-to-knows
Photo by Julian Rayar on Unsplash

In a true sense, the whole of the UK  blessed with attractions that historic gems. Fortunately, the same said if you narrow your residence  Wales. For those of you who really want to get a taste of as much history as possible, consider something like Cardiff Castle which is one of the largest in the country. But things don’t stop there. There a few small ruins dotted throughout Wales and many of them do not require an entrance fee.


If you feel comfortable driving (they also drive on the left), we encourage you to take a short road trip across the country. You may get lost, but you will likely find many castle ruins that make your trip enjoyable.


The countryside is something else

Welsh travels: The not-so-obvious need-to-knows
Photo by Callum Blacoe on Unsplash

Whether it’s national parks (covering 20% ​​of the country!) Or just the countryside as a whole, this is something to avoid. Wells sticks have it all and as above, we’re just encouraging you to lose. Whether it’s a road trip, rental, or train (this can be a highlight across the valleys), you’ll be keeping an eye out for sights that you’ve never connected with this part of the world.

It also contains vibrations

Although said a lot about the Welsh countryside,  civic attributes not to forgotten. Take Swansea or Cardiff, for example, and you’ll find most of the “city highlights” in the world with you. It has great restaurants, nightlife and a good general view. Wales is not a single strategy, it is an extended country horse of imagination Facebook page  

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